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Holi Special Remix Old And New Songs Overview:

Holi is one of the religious feast of the Hindu religion which celebrated with heavy joy and with cultural feelings by all the class Hindu (mainly sonaton hindu’s). but one matter is very much interesting on this occasion that, it is a noticeable religious feast for all the people of the Indian sub continent. On this day people of Hindu religion like to celebrate with colors that is powder color to each other. When we talking about the feast of hindu religion then it is important to mention one thing about them that, there is no religion occasion they can celebrate with out “Music” and by this we can say that feast for them is to celebrate the whole long with all short of instrument of joy. At the same time, this will be complete and whole if we mention some of the musics on the matter of “Holi” and this may help some of our visitor to look out/find out the music they are looking for this special day.

Here we are gathering some of the popular Holi songs for the advancement of our visitor:

List Of Holi Special Songs And Download Link:

Song Name  Download Link
Aaj Na Choddenge 128kbps
Aao Re Aao Khelo Holi Biraj Me 128kbps
Ang Se Ang Lagana 128kbps
Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat 128kbps
Dil Mein Holi Jal Rahi Hai 128kbps
Do Me A Favor Let’s Play Holi 128kbps
Ey Gori 128kbps
Holi Aaee Re 128kbps
Holi Re 128kbps
Holi Ki Din 128kbps
Hori Khele Raghuveera 128kbps
Jogiji Wah 128kbps
Koi Bheega Hai Rang Se 128kbps
Lets Play Holi 128kbps
Maro Bharkar Pichkari 128kbps
Saat Rang Mein 128kbps
Balam Pichkari 128kbps
Badri Ki Dulhania 128kbps

These are some of popular songs ever on the matter of holi. This will better to inform you on the matter that if you are not yet satisfied with the list then,you can take a look on this list of song and we hope you are going to have the song you are looking for:


– Mal de gulal mohe, aaye holi aaye r (Kaamchor)

– Apne rang mein rang de mujko (Aakhir Kyon)

– Aayee re aayee re holi (Zakhmee)

– Phagun aayo re (Phagun)

– Arre ja re hat natkhat (Navrang)

– Aaj na chodenge bas humjoli khelenge hum holi (Kati Patang)

– Holi aaye re kanhayee (Mother India)

– Tan rang lo ji aaj mann rang lo (Kohinoor)

– O dekho holi aayi (Mashaal)

– Rang di preet ne rang di (Dhanwan)

– Koi bheega hai rang se (Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost)


We cordially hope that this list of songs is going to help your search on the matter of “Holi special music”

At least, you are going to have the long play list for the all day long and you don’t have change the music for the matter of special occasion when you are looking for same songs of the same topics.

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